Natural Remedies For Depression

Natural Remedies For Depression

The state of depression makes someone feel helpless. About sixteen million people are affected by depression in the United States annually. Most of these people use antidepressant drugs to fight this condition. Some of the medications used are associated with certain side effects which include dizziness, loss of appetite, feeling agitated, stomach aches and indigestion, constipation or diarrhea.

This article is going to discuss some of the effective remedies for treating depression. These methods include a change of behavior- both lifestyle and physical activity and the way of thinking. All these methods help someone to feel better.


This method helps in boosting the feel-god chemicals known as endorphins. It has long-term benefits as well as short ones for the people suffering from depression. You are encouraged to exercise regularly to boost the production of this chemical. You can do this by walking several times on a weekly basis.

Eating a healthy diet

There is no diet which has been proven to fix depression. However, one needs to be careful on what to eat. You should control overheating if depression is making you overeat. This would make you feel better. Some people believe that foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid can be used to relieve depression.

Setting your goals

It might be difficult to accomplish your tasks when you are depressed. Depression makes one feel worse about him or herself. One can push back by setting his or her daily goals. You can start by setting small goals and then proceed gradually to more challenging ones.

Getting enough sleep

Depression makes it hard for one to sleep. You can manage depression by sleeping and getting up at fixed times every day. Napping should be avoided. Again all the distractions in the bedroom should be taken out such as TV and computers. This will help you in improving your sleep.

Challenging negative thoughts

You need to change how to think to fight depression. This can be done by using logic as a remedy for depression. Try to beat back any possible negative thoughts. This will prevent them from getting out of control.

Consulting a medical doctor before taking ant supplements

There are some supplements which are known for increasing the risk of depression. These supplements include folic acid and fish oil. You are advised to check with the doctor before taking such supplements especially if you are under already medication.…

Major Components Of The Environment

Major Components Of The Environment

Environment refers to the external conditions surrounding an organism. On the other hand, ecosystem refers to the environment within a certain location or an ecological boundary. The ecosystem is consisted of both the biotic and the abiotic features and factors. Environment and ecology are two different concepts.  The environment consists of both the biotic and physical factors. Ecosystem contains everything that is needed by the different organisms to thrive and survive. Both the abiotic and physical environment are affected by certain factors which include water, pressure, soil and temperature. The physical things do not affect the biotic environment. Instead, it is largely affected by the organisms and things in its habitat.

These are the major elements which are found within the ecological environment


As the saying goes water is life. Water is one of the essential components in a habitat. Water is vital for the survival of all the living things in an ecosystem. It is required in the process of making food by plants which are the primary producers and source of food.  It would practically be impossible t live without water in the ecosystem. It is required for the proper functioning of the ecosystem.


All the living organisms can function in a physiology which is peculiar to them.  This is the main reason as to why you will find the living organisms which live in places with inadequate water having difficulties in surviving in those areas which have a lot of water.


This is defined as the degree of hotness or coldness or a place or a body. This is a factor which affects nearly all the members in an ecosystem. It influences the way certain organisms exist or cohabitate with other organisms. Temperature affects the distribution of the various species that surround you. Certain organisms can thrive or survive in specific temperatures.  A slight decrease r increase in temperature is more likely to lead to the death of some organisms or force them to migrate to other areas.


Either osmotic or climatic pressure has the ability of restricting the way or survival or living of certain organisms.  Pressure affects both the organisms which live in deep seas as well as the organisms flying in high altitude. An increase or decrease in pressure affects the supply of oxygen which is more likely to adversely affect the living organisms.



It is top layer covering the earth’s crust and it is consisted of both the mineral dirt and organic dirt.  It is the layer covering the earth.  It is a very important component which plays a critical role in the ecosystem.  Soil determines the living organisms living in an area.