Facts About Solar Energy

Solar energy is obtained from radiation emitted by the sun. The sun generates a lot of energy. The earth receives about 173,000 terawatts continuously from the sun. It involves using the sun as the source of energy. Solar energy is a clean and a renewable source of energy.

It is beneficial to the environment since it does not release any emissions. However, some people criticize it for being expensive. This technology has improved considerably due to its high demand. It is regarded as one of the cleanest sources of energy.

Advantages of solar energy

Reduces energy bills

Solar energy can be used for meeting the energy needs. Utilization of solar energy helps in lowering the energy bills significantly. The power produced depends on the size of your solar system. You can also export the power produced to the grid in case you can produce more power than you can use.


You can, therefore, generate some income by connecting your system to the grid. Further more you can save more money by selling the excess power produced during the day and then buy electricity during the evening from the grid at lower rates.

Renewable source of energy

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy. This energy can be harnessed in different areas of the globe since it is available every day. It is accessible as long as the sun is available.

Low maintenance costs

Little maintenance is required to maintain the solar systems. These systems should be kept relatively clean by just cleaning them several times in a year. Solar panels are not subject to wear and tear since they have no moving parts. Solar panels from reliable manufactures have a warranty of about twenty-five years. Other than the initial cost, very little money is spent on repair and maintenance work.

Diverse applications

The energy obtained from solar panels can be used for different purposes. It can be used for generating heat (solar thermal) or electricity (photovoltaic). Solar energy is widely used in producing electricity especially in those areas which are not connected to the grid. Solar energy is also integrated into building materials. For instance, there are some transparent windows which are also dependent on solar energy.

Development of technology

There have been a lot of improvements and advancements in the production of the power of using solar panels. This includes the various innovations in nanotechnology and in quantum physics which have increased the effectiveness and efficiency of solar panels.